Wuxi Weather Forcast



Humidity: 93%
Wind: NNW at 14.48 km/h
Mostly cloudy
1°C / 6°C
3°C / 5°C
3°C / 4°C
AM showers
1°C / 7°C
Lingshan Buddha, Big Buddha, Wuxi

Forty five km from the city's downtown area, the Lingshan Sakyamuni Buddha (Lingshan dafo) stands tall as Wuxi’s Big Buddha. A bronze icon that is over 250 feet tall. Wuxi’s Big Buddha is 100 feet higher than the Statue of Liberty.

Entirely made of tin and copper, the statue weighs more than 700 tons. The left side the Buddha features the  “Shi Wu Wei” seal. This is supposed to reduce suffering in the world. The right side features the “Yu Yuan” seal, dedicated to delivering happiness. The character on the Buddha's chest represents solemnity and virtue.

The Buddha stands between two hills and the effect is striking. Built in 1997 by Japanese investors who spent over $150,000 USD on its construction, the Lingshan Buddha is a testament to the old saying, “if you build it they will come.” You may want to give this sort of instant holy place/tourist attraction a miss. After all there are a lot of other interesting things to do and see in Wuxi. But don’t miss it.The Lingshan Buddha is one big mother of a Buddha.

Local expats joke about it, but there is no false advertising. It is a really Big Buddha. It is the second largest standing Buddha in the world. Chinese tourists visit in droves and it worth a half a day or more.

  • Admission is 108  RMB. No park pass is accepted. A cab ride to the Buddha costs around 90 - 120 RMB each way.

I have not taxi card for this, I also need the latitude and longitude for the key reference.