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Wuxi is famous for being one of the birthplaces of China's modern industry and commerce, as well as the hometown of many important businessmen who have played essential roles in building commerce in Shanghai since the early 20th century.





For most expats getting around isn't easy. The transportation in and around Wuxi isn't as difficult as you might think first. With an airport, high speed trains, highways, subway, buses and taxis getting around is quite easy.


Economy & Industry


Wuxi is one of the top business cities in China. According to Forbes ranking, Wuxi is in the third position for best business cities in Mainland China in 2008. Currently Wuxi is designated as an investment grade city, and has two large industrial parks devoted to new industries.




More information about Wuxi you can find on the webpages of our partner.

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Wuxirealestate offers professional consultation and service as a part of the Expatriate community in Wuxi. Inform them about your wishes and they will find a real estate to your claims corresponds. Whether you liked to rent or buy depends completely on you. Likewise it does not matter whether you as a private individual or as a company cooperate with them.


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Wuxi LST Business Consulting and Service Ltd. was founded in 2005 by a Chinese to support expats in different areas. They applied for a business licence which includeds all kind of services and training. Based on activities during the last 25 years Wuxi LST combines experiences from wide variety of industries in Lean Manufacturing, Production Management and Process Optimization. with extensive process-, technology- and practice know-how they are consequently able to advice their clients throughout the value stream.
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