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taxi Taxis are an inexpensive transportation option which is used often and maybe the choice of most expats. They are probably the most common method expats travel in Wuxi. Cabs can be found almost everywhere and are a common site even on sidewalks.

Flag fall starts at 10 RMB for 4 km and is charged at 3.15 RMB for each proceeding kilometer.

Wuxi’s taxi cab drivers are for the most part honest and hardworking fellows. Some however are more honest than others. A few people do get taken for long and expensive cab rides, 98% of the time however a cab ride will end successfully at your destination.

The key to using cabs successfully in Wuxi is based on a number of elements:

Know where you want to go! Have someone write down the name of the destination in Chinese or know how to say it to the driver in Chinese. Or use our Taxi cab cards.

Watch the meter! Drivers should start the meter as soon as the vehicle starts to move. If the driver makes no move to start the meter or it looks like the meter is broken, stop the cab and get out.

Go off the meter only for short trips! Drivers will ask if you want to use the meter or not use the meter. It is really up to you at this point since if you say you want a receipt the driver will start the meter. For long trips it is not advisable to do so.

Avoid taking the cabs that hangout around hotels! Too often these drivers prey on visitors. Many of these cabs have doctored meters. Since cabs are not scarce, walk out on the street and flag one down.

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