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Red Lion



East Yongle Rd, Nanchang Wenhua St, 7-2 Jintai
(across from Hotel Nikko)

Red Lion is a popular destination for Wuxi expats. It has a huge drink list and a large Western menu as well as a Bangladeshi chef who serves up Indian-style curries.

Open Daily 5 pm

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Located close to the Nanchan Jie and in oposit of the Nikko Hotel Red Lion is one of the best expat bars and restaurants in Wuxi. Owned by Steward Dingle, former owner of the Blue Bar Café, it's maybe the most popular expat hangout in Wuxi.

 Red Lion is also the location with most of the events in Wuxi with Live Music, Comidians and much more. For more reviews just search the internet for example on TripAdvisor (Link: The Red Lion of Wuxi)

red lion

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